Why Climb With Us ?

  • Experience

    Experience is an essential component to safe guiding. Each of our guides has extensive independent climbing experience. Not just local experience but climbing experience abroad. It is what we do with our families, it is how we spend our time off, and it is what we do for a living.
  • Certified Knowledge

    Each of our guides have been certified by internationally recognized organizations. The Professional Climbing Guides Institute and the American Mountain Guides Association each set the professional standards for the guiding industry in the U.S.A. Our guides have invested the time to make certain that they meet these standards. We continue to train and practice these skills by teaching them to others.
  • Safety

    Your safety is our top priority. We study the current safety standards and implement them on all of our trips. Every one of our guides values the trust of our clients and holds the life of each client greater than their own.
  • Customer Service

    It is our ambition to provide each customer with satisfying, gratifying, memorable experiences each and every time they climb with us. We constantly assess whether or not we are meeting this goal by getting customer feedback. We have an excellent customer service record!
  • Personalized

    We cherish the differences of our customers and strive to make each trip not just meet your expectations but to exceed them. From the first moment we contact you we will be asking you questions because we believe that you know what you want better than any body else. Every trip you take with us is tailored to fit you!

More About Safety

Your safety is our top priority. We take this responsibility very seriously. Every piece of equipment we use is CE and UIAA certified. Our trips maintain 4 clients to 1 guide ratio with few exceptions. Each guide is trained and certified through the StoneMan Climbing Co. training program. The internal company training program gives us the ability to verify that you will have a safe climbing experience. All of our guides are First Aid certified, and some have advanced certifications. When you go climbing with us rest assured that your climbing experience will be safe!

A Few Words About Us

StoneMan Climbing Co. offers the best guided rock climbing in Arizona. With a broad base of experienced and professional guides, StoneMan has an excellent customer service record, as well as an intricate knowledge of local climbing areas. Our instructors can take you out whether you are new or experienced looking for technical instruction.

StoneMan Climbing Co. is founded on the vision that climbing is not for the few and elite but is a fun activity that whoever wants to experience it can. Our experienced, knowledgeable guides are friendly, approachable, and available to answer any question you may have. StoneMan guides will give you a safe adventure on the rocks. Our expertise is top in the industry and our passion for climbing is, let’s say... world class! When our guides aren’t working we are climbing at local areas and abroad. From maintaining our local crags to practicing " Leave no Trace " ethic wherever we go you will see the effect of StoneMan Guides on the Rock.

Our Guides

Caleb: "while I may not be a world class climber, I am a world class enjoyer of climbing"

Caleb has been climbing regularly since 2002. Everything from bouldering to aid climbing there aren't any types of climbing he doesn't do. With a deep passion for multi-pitch free climbing and a focus on the traditional style as well as the "onsight" ethic, he has been given invaluable lessons and experience. While willing to climb any style he specializes in "crack climbing" and "overhanging sport" routes that demand you through your whole body into it. He is by trade a Registered Nurse and is sure to keep any adventure you choose a safe one.

Lauren: "Climbing is the prettiest dance of all, making every route a beautiful adventure."

Lauren has been climbing since 2005. From the Big Walls in Yosemite and Zion, to the Multi-pitch climbing in Red Rocks, to more places than a fifty fingered man can count, she has been there. While she will climb any style that exists, she mostly enjoys leading single pitch sport and going for the red point on difficult climbs.

Michelle: "It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. - Edmund Hillary"

Michelle got her start at a local climbing gym in Phoenix. After a few months of learning technique in the gym, she was introduced to the joys of outdoor climbing on the granite cliffs of Mission Gorge in San Diego County. Since then, she has gained experience single and multi-pitch sport climbing in various areas of the southwest, and is continuing to "learn the ropes" of the many other styles of rock climbing.

Patrick: "The best climber in the world is the one that has the most fun. - Alex Lowe"

Patrick has been rock climbing since 1999, and has climbed extensively in the western United States, with much of his concentration in the sandstone areas of desert southwest. He has been featured in multiple climbing magazines, on Epic TV, and is always psyched for the next adventure. While concentrating on desert towers, crack climbing and the notoriously brutal offwidths, Patrick enjoys all aspects of the sport, making safety and fun his top priorities.

Hugo: "If climbing is an art, then creativity is its main component. - Wolfgang Güllich"

Hugo has been climbing since 2011; He started climbing in the Arizonan desert and has continued to climb all over the state. Most of his time is spent “projecting”, or working a rock climb at his physical limit, and eventually climbing the route without falling. He received his certification as a Single Pitch Instructor, in September 2014, through the American Mountain Guiding Association. When he’s not climbing; you will find Hugo enjoying many of Downtown Phoenix’s coffee houses.

Jacob: "I've tried many sports, but climbing is the best. The beauty of this sport is that no matter how good you get, you can always find a way to challenge yourself. - Randy Leavitt"

Once Jacob started climbing, he was hooked. He climbed so much at his local gym that they made him the assistant manager. Jacob started climbing outdoors on the Pennsylvania and West Virginia sandstone and has traveled across the United States to seek out great climbing. He is a certified single pitch instructor through the AMGA and a wilderness first responder through NOLS. He enjoys all forms of climbing, but thinks crack climbing is best.

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