Outdoor Application Courses

Have you ever wanted to try climbing and see if it is as fun as it looks? These trips are designed for you to try climbing and try a lot of it. It is simple just schedule a trip and show up and we’ll take care of the rest. It is great to try as an individual or as group of friends or family. Climbing is an excellent team building activity! We accommodate groups of any size.

  • introduction to outdoor climbing 4/6 hr

    This first course focuses on the essential skills that are needed outside. What to pack and how to pack your backpack for outdoor climbing. How to use climbing guidebooks. What are the grading systems, types of climbing? How do you get the rope up there? How to top rope belay with an ATC. Outdoor climbing techniques impossible to practice in the gym. What are the hazards to avoid and How can I avoid them? All of these topics and more are covered. You will get to climb and practice your new skills! Choose between the 4 or 6 hour class. (6 hour = more climbing).

    Purchase 4 hr Course : $250 per person

    Purchase 6 hr Course: $300 per person

  • Intermediate Outdoor Climbing

    This course builds on the Introductory course by taking you to the next level of outdoor climbing. After you know the basics then you can start learning how to be more efficient and more self sufficient. How to coil and flake your rope so it never tangles and it is easier to transport. How to safely get down from the top of a climb (rappel) without leaving any of your gear behind. How to “clean” a route? What other knots do I need to know how to tie? All of these topics and more will be covered in this course and you will definitely get to climb! This is a six hour course.

    Purchase This Course : $350 / 7hrs per person

Advanced Outdoor Climbing

This course as the name implies is the most advanced in this series. This course will tie your skills together by teaching you either top rope set up or sport lead climb outside. Being able to set up ropes on the route of your choosing and Lead climbing (aka “the sharp end”) are the final steps of independence for a climber. Now you are taking the lead and from start to finish doing it yourself. This course is two six hour days, giving you enough time to demonstrate learned skills with a guide by your side making sure that you are safe and proficient.

Purchase This Course : $700 / 7hrs, 2 Days per person

Skill Building Courses

If you want to learn a specific climbing skill these courses are for you. You may have some experience already but have had trouble knowing how to learn or where to start learning specific skills. Below is a list of courses that contain the most common skills climbers want to learn. If you don’t see the skill you want to learn below give us a call because we can help you learn it. Please contact us for class availability.

  • Top Rope / Belay Setup

    This course will teach you how to set up ropes outside just like they are in the indoor climbing gyms using a top rope system. You will be able to identify the Hazards to avoid and be able to safely set your top ropes.

  • Lead Belay

    This course will teach you how to safely and effectively keep a lead climber safe. Whether for the gym setting or outdoor setting you will be competent in providing a safe lead belay.

  • Sport Lead Climb

    This course will teach you how to safely Lead Climb Sport routes inside the gym or outside. Lead climbing (aka “the sharp end”) is the final step of independence for a climber.

  • Anchors Class

    This course educates you about climbing anchors temporary or fixed. You will learn what a safe anchor set up is, what it looks like, and how to make them yourself. The skills in this course are essential for the Traditional Lead Climbing course and are often combined.

  • Traditional Lead Climbing

    This course teaches you to climb where there are no anchors. You take traditional anchors and do it your self. This is a full two day course!

  • Crack Climbing

    In this course you will learn the art of “Crack Climbing”. You’ll be ready for Indian Creek in no time or maybe... we will go there to learn.

  • Ice Climbing

    In this course you will learn how to ice climb. Yes you can learn to ice climb in Arizona through a technique called dry tooling. Then we can go get on some real ice in Colorado, Utah, or Nevada.

  • Bouldering

    In this course you can hone your bouldering skills and techniques. Maybe you just want to see the bouldering that Phoenix has to offer. We can show you that too!

  • Custom Classes

    If you want a combination of classes or aren’t really sure what you want to learn give us a call we will customize a class to meet your specific needs.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy excluding weather is to have you notify us 72 hours (3 days) prior to the trip to reschedule or to receive a full refund. You may cancel your trip for ½ price refund 36 hours (1.5 days) prior to the scheduled time. If you must cancel within 36 hours of the class there will be no refund. If weather causes a cancellation then you may reschedule the class for a later date or time or receive a full refund.