Only 24 Hours ! ?

When I was a young child (last year) I would complain to my father “I need more time! There aren’t enough hours in the day!” to which he would reply “That’s not true, if we needed more than 24 hours a day the day would be longer than 24 hours. 24 hours is the exact amount of time we need to accomplish what we need to.”

Having a just a couple of hours may be all the time we’ll get to make sure we can climb in our 24 hour day. Found a babysitter spur of the moment, packed water in our climbing packs (they were already packed with enough gear to do anything in Phoenix, AZ), threw the bikes on the bike rack, and drove out to the Tom’s Thumb trailhead. We were sure to double check that we had batteries in our head lamps and bike lights and coasted the 1/2 mile down hill to approach trail to Sven Slab a collections of bolted face climbs. We stashed our bikes under a prominent mesquite tree then charged up hill and let our shoes lead the way. Made it to the base and danced up our favorite climbs. We were rewarded with quite a view. (To truly appreciate this view be sure to click on the picture!)


I am glad we rushed and were stressed because it made this review so much sweeter!

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