A new kind of bachelor party!

When most people think of a  Bachelor Party their minds fill with scenes from the movie “Hangover” or of a night filled with drunken debauchery and strippers. Many would call those parties extreme! Some may even call those epic! We would call those parties neither extreme nor epic and would interject our very own recipe of a truly Epic & Extreme Bachelor Party!  IMG_4232

Start with 3 cups of “surprise”. We decided to inform the bachelor of the general activities of the Bachelor Party. The trip would last at least 5 days but would have time for any unforeseen obstacles or circumstances. It will involve at least three extreme sports that he needed to arrive prepared for… rock climbing, mountain biking, and ice climbing. We will be camping bring your own sleeping gear.


Mix in your first cup of “Extreme Fun”. Leaving Phoenix Arizona at Midnight we arrived in the world famous Indian Creek (“the Creek”) Utah. The incredible splitter sand stone cracks required many cams and tape to protect the bachelors hands.



We began the day climbing SuperCrack! aka “Luxury Liner”. This was the first splitter sandstone crack climbed by Earl Wiggins changing the limits of what was impossible.



Then we moved over to  the “Incredible Hand Crack” ! And yes it was, truly INCREDIBLE!



Day 2

Now it is time to add a gallon of “uncomfortable epic” to the bachelor recipe. This should be something you know will test the comfort zone of the bachelor. A quick drive through Moab then along the river road over to Fisher Towers. It’s time to climb “Ancient Art” with perhaps one of the most exposed summits on the planet. It is certain to be scary for not only the bachelor but his companions as well:)

On top of the second pitch after 200′ of chimney!


Only 30′ of interesting climbing between us and the “sidewalk” 🙂


The “sidewalk is a thin sliver of rock with a vertical drop between you and the ground. Then you must walk across to reach the “Ancient Art”.



… Yes, we have to climb that!


IMG_4924 IMG_5033

Victorious! We stood on the skinniest pinnacle of our lives in the middle of the Utah desert. We can look back up and smile at that odd pinnacle that we conquered. Yet we remind the bachelor that “marriage” is far more extreme than that summit.


Day 3

After testing the bachelor to his discomfort it is time to stir in a “fun test” with that which he is more comfortable. Believe it or not our bachelor is far more comfortable with ice climbing! We have to drive over through Durango, CO to a lesser known town of Eureka, CO. It is there we will take him to the Whorehouse… You knew it was coming but it isn’t the Whorehouse you’d think. It is actually a 600′ ice climb named “the Whorehouse Hoses”.

The very last pitch is a 200′  WI 3  rope stretcher. It would be the longest pitch of ice that the bachelor would have to lead climb. He completed this task with style.

IMG_5155 IMG_5654




A beautiful way to leave the mountains!


Day 4

Miles and miles of mountain biking through the “Canyon of the Ancients”. Located just outside of Cortez, CO this rip roaring desert single track was quite enjoyable and we were even able to ride within a ‘stone’s throw’ of some ancient ruins.


IMG_5349_2IMG_5382IMG_5384IMG_5492 IMG_5437

A quick drive back to Moab, Utah and through Arches National Park.


A round the day off with a ride through the “Slick Rock Practice Loop”.


quick video!

Day 5

We gave the bachelor a choice, would you like to go rockclimbing or more mountain biking? As we patiently waited for the bachelor to make his decision we were informed from a local that a severe weather storm was closing in. It was going to be dumping inches in Moab and feet in Monticello the town through which we would have to exit overnight. Wanting to not get snowed in, we decided to round our trip off by mountain biking in Sedona Arizona. An excellent choice!

IMG_5598 IMG_5600 IMG_5611 IMG_5628

It was truly Extreme and Epic! If you don’t make your bachelor party like this; we at StoneMan recommend that you plan your life like this:) Live life to the fullest!

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