Adaptive Climbing

Climbing is For Everyone

It is the mission of StoneMan Climbing Company to share our passion for climbing through providing the safest, most gratifying, climbing adventure to everyone by endeavoring to make climbing more than just a sport for the physically elite but, awesome recreation for everyone to enjoy. We provide safe climbing experiences using adaptive equipment that best suits a variety of abilities. StoneMan Guides have trained with adaptive equipment to maximize the potential for anyone to climb in a variety of outdoor climbing terrains. We have worked with kids and adults alike in outdoor and indoor climbing settings with a variety of disabilities including but not limited to: blindness, Traumatic Brain Injury, spinal cord injuries, amputations, paraplegics, learning disabilities, spina bifida, and many more. We strive to provide the best adventure no matter the circumstances! Call for pricing and availability to see what we can do for you!

Private Adaptive Climbing Trips

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Adaptive Training Programs

Interested in spreading adaptive climbing services to your program or facility? SMCC provides onsite training and consultation for your climbing program. We will help you get started and provide climbing to people of all abilities!

1 Day Climbing Course

Comprehensive Adaptive Climbing Course for up to 12 Participants. *Includes 1 Adaptive Climbing Manual for Facility Reference.

Adaptive Training 1 Day Climbing Course

  • $2500
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1/2 Day Climbing Event

Adaptive Climbing Event.

1/2 Day Adaptive Climbing Event

  • $800
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Comprehensive Consultation

Including Facility Assessment + Gear List + Gear Purchasing (*gear prices vary and are dependent on individual Adaptive Program offerings).

Adaptive Training Comprehensive Consultation

  • $400
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Adaptive Program Comprehensive Package

Includes the Comprehensive Consultation, 1 Day Climbing Course, the 1/2 Day Adaptive Climbing Event, and 2 Adaptive Climbing Manuals for Facility Reference.

Adaptive Program Comprehensive Package

  • $3200
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1/2 Day Refresher

Adaptive Climbing Course to Reorient Adaptive Climbing Program Facilitators. For up to 12 facilitators.

1/2 Day Refresher

  • $1250
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