Cochise Stronghold Climbing Trips

A World Class Climbing Experience

Cochise Stronghold is home to perhaps the best rock climbing in Arizona. There is a lifetime of climbing spread across the Dragoon Mountain range. There is truly something for everyone here. If long multi-pitch routes are "your thing", the featured granite provides technical thought provoking climbing across miles of lichen painted rock. If you prefer single pitch climbing, don't worry there is plenty of that here as well. Sport and traditional routes are mixed together offering plenty of variety! And don’t worry there are tons of quality boulders for the pebble wrestlers too. You will find yourself perched atop these formations in awe of the vast desert mountains referred to as “sky islands”. The sky islands are isolated habitats that allow for a diversity of plants and animals that can’t survive on the desert floor to thrive in the islands in the sky created by these mountain ranges.

If you are just passing through, the 4 hour climbing trip is an efficient way to see the Stronghold up close and personal. You’ll still have time to do more than just climb with your day. If your time allows, you can schedule a full day climbing trip in the Stronghold and gain an intimate sense of the mountains.

4 Hour

  • Private: $275
  • 2 People: $185/each
  • 3 People: $165/each
  • 4 People+: $145/each
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All Day

  • Private: $450
  • 2 People: $400/each
  • 3 People: $350/each
  • 4 People+: $300/each
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  • All StoneMan Guides have been Certified by Internationally Recognized Organizations (PCGI/AMGA)
  • Our Guides will consult with you personally to pick the best location for you
  • Specialized shoes, harness, helmet, etc. All the climbing gear is provided
  • We provide the safest gear in the industry as well as the most comfortable gear
  • Our Guides will teach you climbing techniques from their years of experience

Multi-Day “StoneMan in the Stronghold” Packages

It is difficult to soak in all the majesty of the Stronghold in a single day. For that reason, we offer the 2 and 3 day “StoneMan in the Stronghold” packages. This will make it more affordable and more enjoyable. The StoneMan Stronghold climbing experience is one that you are certain to never forget. The climbing here is world class, from thuggish bouldering to 800ft. tall multi-pitch routes on granite giants. The rocks are as rich with beauty as they are in history. Scramble and climb through the same rocky terrain that the warrior Cochise and his braves did, to evade the calvary. Hike through the same foothills as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and many other famous gunslingers of the wild west.

The 2 and 3 day Stronghold Climbing Packages Include:


  • 2 or 3 days full of climbing with a Certified and Experienced Rock Climbing Guide
  • Ropes, climbing anchors, harness, helmet, shoes, chalk, and all other climbing gear needed
  • Insurance and National Forest Service Permits for climbing in the Stronghold
  • Snacks during the day while climbing

2 day package

  • Private: $800
  • 2 People: $700/each
  • 3 People: $600/each
  • 4 People+: $500/each
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3 day package

  • Private: $1200
  • 2 People: $1050/each
  • 3 People: $900/each
  • 4 People+: $750/each
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Ready to go climb? It’s simple! Just schedule a trip and show up and we’ll take care of the rest. It is great to try as an individual or as a group of friends or family. Climbing is an excellent team building activity! We accommodate groups of any size.

Note ** savings increase as more people attend. Group pricing is available for groups larger than 4. Please call us for group pricing.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy excluding weather is to have you notify us 72 hours (3 days) prior to the trip to reschedule or to receive a full refund. You may cancel your trip for ½ price refund 36 hours (1.5 days) prior to the scheduled time. If you must cancel within 36 hours of the class there will be no refund. If weather causes a cancellation then you may reschedule the class for a later date or time or receive a full refund.

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