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You can get the tools to succeed with the help of an experienced climbing guide! When you purchase a personal training package or sessions, your trainer will assess your physical limitations, physical abilities, history of physical fitness, and desired results from your personal training experience. You will be given a training regimen specifically designed to achieve your individual climbing and/or fitness goals. For each continued session you will have the full attention of an experienced climber that will be able to assess your progress. If you are already a proficient and experienced climber but would like to refine technical climbing skills without paying for a guide all day, then try buying a session or sessions with a guide out at a local crag or possibly beyond. Whether it is physical technique including footwork, slab climbing, crack climbing, traditional climbing, big wall skills, etc. our guides are experienced and can help you speed up your learning curve. We can meet you out on the rock and assess your skills and give you direction, instruction, and/or ways to improve.

Package deals & 1 hour sessions available.

Call to see if personal training would be a good fit for you and which package works best for you.

1 Training Session

1.5 hour Session

Personal Training 1 Session

  • $75 / per person
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5 Session Training Pkg.

5 Sessions: $45 / each session

5 Session Training Package

  • $225 / per person
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10 Session Training Pkg.

10 Sessions: $35 / each session

10 Session Training Package

  • $350 / per person
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  • First Session is 1.5 hours to allow time for a comprehensive physical assessment and discussion of Goals.
  • We will help you make realistic attainable goals to achieve more than you thought was possible.
  • Sports specific training will be carefully selected and adapted for you, then explained and correctly modeled. You will return demonstration in the presence of the trainer to ensure the exercise is properly performed.
  • A specialized training regimen will be developed to help you attain your goals in the days to follow.
  • Our Guides will teach you climbing techniques from their years of experience.
  • We will train at Focus Climbing Center; Must purchase day pass separately

Save money when you train with your climbing partner or other committed climbers!

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